Here at United Pixels we offer a space where creative minds can meet and share their knowledge with each other in order to expand as designers, and as humans, whether that be individually, or as a group. Think of it as a creative space where you can learn, but also have the opportunity to work in different projects and with different companies.

Our craft is storytelling through pixels. By telling a story we can help a business connect with its audience, and draw them as customers. In today’s world, pixels are the bridge between a buyer and a seller, therefore having the essential digital needs is crucial in expanding a business.

Through positivity, consistency, and healthy communication, United Pixels can help you and your associates cross the many pixel bridges that will level up a business.
Armend Berisha

Creative Director

Zana Rusinovci

Office Manager

Granit Cernaveri

Graphic Designer

Edison Krasniqi

Graphic Designer

Sara Krasniqi

Graphic Designer

Hana Jaha

Int. Graphic Designer



Our Space
Working space as creative as we are!
Spending a lot of time in our office (to be honest more than in our homes) made us realise that we need a space to express ourselves freely. The impact of the workplace on employees (Our pixels) is undoubtedly enormous, in fact the working environment impacts everything.

We created a positive atmosphere by balancing the modern spirit, minimalistic nonetheless inspirational. Each corner in our office speaks loud our creative spirit: from our WALL-ART (created by UP and friends) to open workspace, our coffee corner, our sketching corner, our chilling place, our book corner and the cherry to our cake: TECHNOLOGY.

Working each day in a different place can be a good recipe for SERENDIPITY, and by chance we are living and enjoying it every moment.
If you are a creative person we would like to hear from you!
We are constantly looking to unite creative pixels. Send us your portfolio.
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