BORA Pharmacy new brand in town!

20 Aug, 2020

BORA Pharmacy new brand in town!

A new star is born.

Visual Branding done for our client “BORA Pharmacy”


Armend Berisha and team UNITED PIXELS design a new identity for Bora Pharmacy based in Kosova. 

Creating a new brand is always a challenge, especially when you collaborate with a company that takes part in the health industry. Creating a pharmacy logo, which is one of the first things patients notice, creates a need to be professional, engaging, accurate and attractive. This is their chance to say “ This is who we are and what we’re all about”.


Our starting point was to create a symbol that simply visualizes everything they do, at the same time it tells a story behind each line. We aimed to create a visual trick that beautifully presents the story of “BORA Pharmacy”.  


Throughout the research we identified the similarity between the name of Pharmacy “BORA” - Snow and “the Star of life” - A universal symbol of emergency medical care.

This discovery was to set the foundations for the development of the new brand identity for BORA Pharmacy.

On this wise we created a new proportional unique six pointed star that at the same time represents the star of life nonetheless a snowflake.

The Symbol is created by a simple clean shape. Managing this shape in three different yet proportional places,  gave us a perfect six pointed star and a visualization of a snowflake symbol. 

The brand values brought to life even more through green and dark blue color.

Green color is no longer just a color it represents nature, healing, positivity it gives a great contrast within dark blue color. 

Combining these two special colors we managed to give even more character to this symbol and in a way we completed the entire concept.


The rest of the identity matches the services in quiet sophistication. The symbol offers a great flexibility for further attractive use in other brand parts, print and digital media.







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