Top Five Most Prestigious Creative Design Awards

19 Oct, 2019

Top Five Most Prestigious Creative Design Awards
Top Five Most Prestigious Creative Design Awards 
Design awards, digital awards, and digital marketing awards are a way to tell the world that the quality of your work has been recognized by industry authorities while allowing you to market your products in a stronger and superior way. It sends a message that your service, products, or projects are prestigious and worthy of accolades from independent third parties.
1. The D&AD Awards
In the realm of advertising, the Design and Art Direction Award is amongst the largest and the most esteemed and is a British charity that targets design and advertising supremacy. Established in 1962 by the era’s top designers and art directors, it has a reputation for setting standards so uncompromising that an award was created simply for the honor of being nominated. No compromises are given to ensure all categories award a winner; if work is perceived as unworthy of the award, the category remains unfulfilled.
2. The ADDYs Awards
The American Advertising Federation (AAF) awards the idea that great concepts can originate from anywhere and selects winners from local chapters of the AAF for the national ADDYs. It’s the one of the world’s most impressively sized advertising competition, receiving 40K yearly entries. The impressive judging panels, in addition to the fame associated with winning this event, has placed the ADDYs as a haven for both digital agencies and creatives.
3.A’Design Awards
The largest international design competition, held in Italy, with 100 entry categories that include furniture, graphics, and 3D models. Themes include unique categories pertinent to human resources like the sustainable design and digital communication ideas. Awards are given in a tiered order of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron and a Designer of the Year Award is given to the highest achieving designer who has highly influenced design industry advancement.
4.The Cannes Lions
Established in 1954 after a global group of Cinema Screen Advertising Contractors, (SAWA) decided that advertising needed recognition like movies featured at the Cannes Film Festival. This award includes a substantial amount of categories in advertising, creative effectiveness, design, digital communication, and more. They serve to share knowledge and feature a highly competitive award standard even amongst the most stringent award events.


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