Interview With Graphic Designer - Shibupg

14 Oct, 2020

Interview With Graphic Designer - Shibupg
Interview With Graphic Designer - Shibupg
Short introduction about yourself?
Hailing from Kerala, India. I have been into the field of design for more than a decade now. From being employed in a Design Company, to being part of a Start-Up Design Firm, after my initial years of design exploration and experience, I gradually settled to become a full-on Freelance Designer. The main reason for my switching on to freelancing is to spend productive time in both work as well as with family and thereby striking a balance to my professional and personal life. I strongly believe that knowledge becomes valuable when shared and have been posting logo process video tutorials in my YouTube channel for all budding Designers and aspiring ones. I am also on the verge of developing my own Design Studio and Branding in my name 'SPG';. I strive to communicate the value of Brands and provide my clients the best experience of deliverables. 
What motivates you the most about the work that you do?
For an artist who does design on a canvas or say wall art, there's ample space where they can input the concept that they have in mind. But for a Designer who designs logos and is into Branding, within a small space, we are having to visualize the concepts and present it in the most minimalistic way. This is a thrilling area of work wherein we first develop a concept and then think of how to represent the same in the form of a logo. So, it's more like solving a puzzle and probably, this excitement of decoding the concepts visually and creating a master piece out of it, is what motivates me as a Designer.
How would you describe your style?
There is something really thrilling in the logo designing aspect of Branding. Clients usually want their logo, to contain the nature of their business, the product they endorse, the story behind how their business has evolved or any element that they are personally fond of. It is indeed challenging, to bring out an icon or logo type that bears these requirements and yet be artistically and visually appealing. like how some can narrate a big story in a nutshell, I design logos that are minimal, yet containing all the elements desired to have, by the client. And this minimalism, I believe, is my very style.
In your opinion, what’s the best and worst part of your job as a designer?
The best part is that as a Designer, the work you do, is no more a job. It's more like executing a hobby of yours. We don't have any fixed business hours to work, but is more flexible to work anytime, from anywhere and whenever your creativity is at its best. And talking about the worst part, in order to bring out your creativity and concentration, a Designer needs to have a peaceful mind and surroundings. There cannot be any creativity where there is chaos. So just in case we have an argument with our fellow beings, or is having, say the 'not-in-a-good-mood day' today, then such a mental state could spoil your day as well as your creativity. Also, there are times when you deliver a few design options to your client and they tend to choose an option which you less prefer from the lot; so there's a clash happening due to client's lack of knowledge on designs, while we might be more updated, and the best effort-made options often go ignored.
What advice can you give to your fellow artist / aspiring artists?
Never stop learning. Actually, the process of learning, never stops. Keep yourselves updated with the latest changes within the design industry, try learning new design softwares that are available, even if it's a tool or feature in a software, try implementing it in the work that you do, bring out innovative methods and concepts, and keep acquiring new skills; and of course, share the knowledge you have, to another. Always fight against plagiarism and be a good example to the society and likewise stay creative!



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